Hi! I'm Tanzi Propst (tahn-zee / prah-pst). I'm a dedicated, passionate and selfless photojournalist.

I am currently based in Park City, Utah where I lead photographic coverage for The Park Record newspaper along with assisting in multimedia and social tasks.

I love all things Australia, all things outdoors, Thai food and making people smile. I grew up on a farm in Plattsmouth, Neb. and appreciate the simpler things in life.

I have had work featured in The New York Times, The St. Louis Post Dispatch and The Washington Times, as well as the Columbia Missourian and on Mizzou's homepage, Twitter and Instagram.

I fell in love with photography in 2010 when I traveled to Europe and have been taking pictures ever since.


(402) 297-4902 || iznatimages@gmail.com

Instagram: @iznat_images // @parkrecord

Twitter: @_TheTanz // @parkrecord

(Photo by Abby Railton)

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